how to make a paper flower tutorial (sunflower) paper crafts


how to make a paper flower tutorial (sunflower) paper crafts
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materials needed for making paper flower :

1- 2 colored paper sheets
5-Foam Earphone cover

steps :

1-fold one paper in half then rotate the paper and fold it in half one more time

2-take the corner that contains only two flaps and fold it 90 degrees

3- use the scissors to cut a 9 cms long petal then unfold

4-do the same steps for the other sheet except that you will cut a 8 cms long petal instead of 9 cms

5-use the stick to curve the petal of each layer

6-stick the two layers together by using the glue

7-take a foam earphone cover from any old headphone you have and use the glue to hold it in place

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